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This is a list of my personal preferred wedding vendors. It isn't a list of vendors I have met in my 20+ years of working weddings, it is a list of the best of the best. Given the need, I have personally hired most of these vendors myself. Those I haven't used I would readily call.

Remember you need to feel comfortable with your vendors. You need that sense of confidence on your wedding day so choose people that make you feel that way. Your inner voice will serve you well so listen to it. Good luck!


Viola's Flower Shop

Patricia Thorton
745 N. State Hwy 123 Bypass
Seguin, Texas 78155

A great florist with a flair for more natural type arrangements. The bouquets and flower arrangements they deliver are more artistic. Honest and trustworthy. Flowers are always delivered on time.


Dietz Flower Shop

Harry Dietz
969 E. Kingsbury Street
Seguin, Texas 78155

A great florist with a special talent with more formal bouquets. Dietz is definitely king of the Star Gazer Lilly, a favorite flower of many brides. If you want elegance you need Dietz on your vendor list.

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Rio Cibolo Ranch

Margie Christopher, Owner
1101 Ullrich Road
Marion, Texas 78124

Rio Cibolo is my favorite place to work. Staff is accurate, on time and accommodating. You never have to worry about any details because they have it covered. Great communication before, after and during the wedding. If you choose this place for your wedding you will have time to visit with your guests and enjoy your night. The staff at RCR are on top of all the details and gently guide you through a wonderful event. Can't get enough of this place.


Weinert House

Mike Heckman, Owner
1207 N. Austin Street
Seguin, Texas 78155

A cozy Seguin location with a ton of Southern Charm. Hospitality is second nature to the owners of this place. You are immediately made to feel like you are home. The genuine kindness of the owner is noteworthy. Weinert House and All Occasions Catering are the same owner and he is great. It's hard not to gush over this guy so I will stop...but he is awesome.

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Moshiem Mansion

409 N. Austin Street
Seguin, Texas 78155


The Vineyards

Bill & Angie Greer
2731 FM 3009
San Antonio, Texas

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Edmundo Cass Castellanos


Cass is a real gentleman. He is honest and reliable. He has a great music collection. I don't know if anyone has ever requested something that he doesn't have in his collection. I love working with him because he is so agreeable. It is always good to have positive and gracious wedding vendors and Cass is at the top of this list.


5150 Productions

Phillip Chancellor

Phillip is one of the best. I like that he is in tune to what is happening on the dance floor. If people aren't dancing, he will change the song and keep changing until he gets the right genre for the crowd. He is lively and fun but not obnoxious. He doesn't take over like a radio DJ. Good choice for a young crowd. It is easy to recommend this company. He gets booked fast so you better call quickly.

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Masquerade DJ


Ernest is a great DJ. He always comes in a tuxedo. He is polished and composed. He transitions his music seamlessly. His equipment is skirted and tidy. Good choice for anyone having a country club wedding. Works best with a more mature crowd.

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All Occasions

Mike Heckman
1207 N. Austin
Seguin, Texas

Mike and his staff are the best. Period. They are professional. They are helpful and accommodating. This vendor is rock solid. I hire them just about every time I need a caterer. I find their prices are more than fair; you get more than you pay for. I know you'll be happy with Mike. I always get good feedback from people that use him.


Grady's BBQ

4115 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, Texas

Grady's is out of San Antonio, and although you think country bbq might be the best, I would vote that they are. I love their smoked turkey, it is consistently moist and tender. They are quick to set up and take down the food. They will leave you with the leftovers too. They provide everything at a super cheap price. I use them if I have to feed a lot of people and I am on a really tight buget.

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Davila's BBQ

418 W. Kingsbury
Seguin, Texas

These guys know bbq. It is a family business and the staff all seem to share a camaraderie that serves to help things run smoothly. Although the name is bbq, and they do bbq very well, they don't limit themselves to that style only. Recently I saw them do a high end spread. They had wonderful shrimp skewers and stuffed avocados. I had to verify that it was the same Davila's. I was pleasantly surprised that it was one in the same.

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Edmundo Cass Castellanos


If you are doing a civil ceremony but still want an element of spiritual then you need to call Cass. If you want to get ideas for a variation of a unity candle Cass has several options. He is also a DJ so you might consider him for both jobs. I highly recommend working with him.


Rev. Jim Price

814 N. Bauer
Seguin, Texas
830-556-1116 or 830-379-4312

Rev. Price is such a gentle man. He is always sweet and gentle. His ceremonies are spiritually based and are so romantic. He is a real professional. If you want a minister officiating he is your guy.

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Mariachi Sangre Mexicana



Mariachi Ecos de America

Oscar Padilla
Mario Ortiz

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Mariachi Los Galleros de San Antonio

210-626-8392 or 210-473-5422


Mariachi Internacional

Manuel Vega
858 McCauley

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DeLux Event Services

Tammy Conn Felux

Tammy is a certified wedding planner. I was AMAZED at the way she transformed a very plain room into a magnificent wedding venue. A real miracle worker.



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